how to type in assamese in facebook

Few days back I went through some of the visitors’ search statistics of my blog “Unicode Help”. These statistics tells about the most popular search world or phrase which has led my visitors to my blog. Astonishingly, the most popular search phrase is how to type in Assamese in facebook. Obviously, people might be looking for informative articles on that subject because facebook is the most popular and most widely used social networking site as on today. So, definitely everyone would like to write in native language in facebook.

Although, I have written on the subject once before in the post “Assamese typing in Unicode using Baraha and Pramukh IME”, catering to readers’ interest, I would like to write on the same topic once again.

To write Assamese in computer we have to use some Unicode typing software. Don’t get scared of the seemingly technical words “Unicode typing software”. There’s nothing so critical about those. Just like we use “MS Word” or “Notepad” to type anything in English, we need to use any Unicode typing software to type in Assamese. We can also use those softwares to type Assamese using MS Word. The same functionality allows us to type Assamese in facebook, search google in Assamese, write e-mail in Assamese, chat in Assamese OR in fact, you can name any folder in your computer in Assamese.

Selecting the software:

Here you need to select any Unicode typing software. Lot of such Unicode typing softwares are available for free over the net.few examples are “Baraha”, “Avro”, “Ekishyer”, “Lipikaar” “Pramukh” etc. any one of these will work. But before selecting the software, be careful. Although most of them are free, some of them come with a trial package with limited validity time. After the time is over, you need to make some payment and purchase the registered package; else, it will stop working. “Baraha” is one of the most popular and easy to use software but is not free. “Avro” is good but Assamese language is not available in it. Instead you need to select Bangla and for those Assamese alphabets which are not available in Bangla i.e. “”, “ক্ষ” etc, some other arrangements are there but are not so comfortable for Assamese typing. Also the Bangla dictionary pop-up is also very disturbing. “Ekuishyer” is another option, but the

same is also primarily for typing Bangla language and hence not comfortable for typing Assamese. “Lipikar” is a good software and very easy to use. “Pramukh” or popularly known as “Pramukh IME” is another excellent software. Amongst all the softwares mentioned above, everyone has some problem. One is good but not free, another is free but not primarily for Assamese and hence not of much use. But “Pramukh IME” is the only such Unicode typing software, of which, I am not able to find out any loophole till date!!! Frankly speaking, I don’t see any loophole in it. It has everything you need. –

1) It is available free of cost.

2) Very “easy to use” in case of Assamese typing.

3) Unlike other software, it need not be installed in the computer. The .exe file only runs the software. Say, if you want to type something Assamese from a pc of your office or a net cafe, where you don’t have administrative rights to install software; Pramukh IME will very well serve the purpose.

4) Suppose you need to work on a computer, where you cannot install anything and also you cannot download anything. In such a case you need to carry the Pramukh IME software in a pen drive. But in some net cafes USB port access is also not permitted. This will create a problem. But Pramukh IME has a solution for this problem also. Go to Pramukh IME’s website. There you will find an online type pad. Select the language as Assamese and type whatever you want to type, then copy it and paste it wherever you want to. If you want to post some status update in facebook in Assamese from such a net café, go to Pramukh IME’s website, type whatever you want to update, copy it and paste it on the status update field of facebook and hit enter. It’s done.

If you are a novice willing to type Assamese and post facebook updates in Assamese, for you I would recommend – “Pramukh IME”.

Here you can put me a question, why I have taken so much of time and written so much just to convince you regarding the software. The reason is, selection of software is the most crucial activity for Unicode typing. Although you will use phonetic typing, yet, the typing keyboard input method varies from software to software slightly. Hence if you change the typing software in between, it will affect your speed of typing and also issues of spelling mistake may arise.

How to use Pramukh IME:

The Pramukh IME software is a zip folder of around 500KB size, hence very less time will require to download it. After download, unzip the folder. The unzip folder will contan the files as shown in the picture. Here among other things you can see the file “PramukhIME.exe”. Double click that file.

The software will run and will minimised to the taskbar with a tutorial popup at the top.

Close the popup and select the language as Assamese and start typing.


You can go through my post “Assamese typing in unicode using Baraha and Pramukh IME” to know more elaborately about how to use Pramukh IME.

To know how to type in Phonetic keyboard, may refer to “Let’s write in Assamese” and “ফোনেটিক টাইপিংৰ ইটো সিটো”.

In case of any query or if you require personalized help on any problem related to Assamese typing in Unicode may drop a mail at: or may ring me at 9435154095

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প্ৰমুখ আই-এম-ই(Pramukh IME) ব্যৱহাৰ কৰি অসমীয়া লিখনৰ হাতপুথি

“প্ৰমুখ আই-এম-ই(Pramukh IME)” এনেকুৱা এটা চফট্‌ৱেৰ যাৰ সহায়ত ইউনিকʼড প্ৰযুক্তি ব্যৱহাৰ কৰি অসমীয়াত লিখা মেলা কৰিব পাৰি । এবছৰমান আগতে "বৰহ" চফ্‌টৱেৰ ব্যৱহাৰ কৰি অসমীয়া লিখনৰ সুবিধাৰ্থে এনেকুৱা এখন হাতপুথি লিখি উলিয়াইছিলো । কিন্তু "বৰহ" এতিয়া বিনামূলীয়া হৈ থকা নাই । গতিকে সৰ্বসাধাৰণ অসমীয়া লেখক-পাঠকৰ সহায় হোৱাকৈ “প্ৰমুখ আই-এম-ই(Pramukh IME)” নামৰ বিনামূলীয়া চফ্‌টৱেৰটোৰ ব্যৱহাৰ পদ্ধতিৰ ...

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Baraha version 10:8 released : small relief for free users

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Background of Unicode

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অসমীয়া লিখো আহক |

য়ুনিক’ডৰ বিষয়ে প্ৰাথমিক কথাখিনি জনাৰ পিচত আমি য়ুনিক’ড প্ৰযুক্তি ব্যবহাৰ কৰি অসমীয়া লিখিবলৈ আগবাঢ়িব পাৰো | উনিক’ড ব্যবহাৰ কৰি অসমীয়া লিখিবলৈ হলে আমাক প্ৰথমতে লাগিব এনে এটা ছফট্‌ৱেৰ‌(software) যিয়ে আমাক এনেকুৱা এখন টাইপপেদ(type-pad) যোগান ধৰিব পাৰে য’ত আমি কম্পিউটাৰৰ কি-ব’ৰ্ড(key board)ত টাইপ(type) কৰি লিখিব পাৰো আৰু লিখা কথাখিনি উনিক’ড অসমীয়াত লিখা ...

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আমাক উনিক’ড কিয় লাগে আৰু ইয়াৰ দ্বাৰা আমি কি কি কৰিব পাৰো

অসমীয়া ৱেবচাইতৰ প্রয়োজনীয়তাৰ বিষয়ে আমি আগতেই বহলাই আলোচনা কৰিছো | এতিয়া কথাটো হ’ল, অসমীয়া ৱেবচাইত উনিক’ড অবিহণে বনাব নোৱাৰি নেকি ? প্রশ্নটোৰ একেআশাৰতে দিব পৰা উত্তৰটো হ’ল – উনিক’ড অবিহণে অসমীয়া ৱেবচাইত বনাব পাৰি | কিন্তু তাত কিছুমান সমস্যা আছে | সমস্যাবোৰ হ’ল, - ১) উনিক’ডৰ ঠাইত dynamic fonts ব্যৱহাৰ কৰিব পাৰি ...

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এতিয়ালৈকে উনিক’ড ফোনেটিক(Phonetic)ত টাইপ(Type) কৰাৰ প্ৰাথমিক কথাখিনি আলোচনা কৰা হ’ল | কিন্তু ইয়াৰ পিছতো ফোনেটিকৰ বিষয়ে কবলগা কিছু আছে | এই লিখাটিত মই নিজে দৰকাৰী বুলি অনুভৱ কৰা কিছুমান প্ৰাথমিক কথা সামৰিব খুজিছো | ফোনেটিকত টাইপ কৰোতে যদিও উচ্চাৰণ অনুযায়ী অসমীয়া অখৰবোৰ টাইপ কৰিলেই হয়, তথাপিও কি-ব’ৰ্ড(key board)খনৰ কোনটো keyয়ে অসমীয়া ...

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Why we need Unicode and what we can do with it

We have already discussed the requirement of Assamese Websites. Now the question is; can we not build Assamese websites without using Unicode? If the question needs to be answered in one word then the answer is “yes”. We can build Assamese websites without using Unicode. But there are some problems if ...

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assamese typing in unicode using Baraha and Pramukh IME

After we have discussed the basics and various aspects of in Assamese typing in unicode, it’s time we should move forward with software specific discussions. Here we would discuss two very useful and probably most widely used software for writing Assamese. They are “Baraha” and “Pramukh IME”. I am not ...

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how to type in assamese in facebook

Few days back I went through some of the visitors’ search statistics of my blog “Unicode Help”. These statistics tells about the most popular search world or phrase which has led my visitors to my blog. Astonishingly, the most popular search phrase is how to type in Assamese in facebook. ...

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how to type assamese in photoshop

The question, “how to type assamese in photoshop” seems quite astonishing to me when asked in the context of discussion for Unicode assamese typing in computers. I have gone through this question so many times, in physical or in mail conversation; that I have decided to write a blog post ...

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অসমীয়া ব্লগ আৰু ৱেবচাইত বোৰত অসমীয়া য়ু - আৰ - এল (url) থাকিব পাৰে নেকি ?

আমি বহুতো অসমীয়া ব্লগ আৰু ৱেবচাইত দেখিছো | অসমীয়া ব্লগ বা ৱেবচাইত বুলি কওতে আমি বুজো যে সেই ৱেবচাইতটোত থকা লিখনিবোৰ অসমীয়া | মই সতকাই দেখি থকা ৱেবচাইতবোৰ বহুতো ধুনীয়া ধুনীয়া আৰু উচ্চ মানদণ্ড সম্পন্ন লিখনিৰে পৰিপুৰ্ণ | কিন্তু যিমানেই অসমীয়া নহওক কিয়, সকলোবোৰ অসমীয়া ৱেবচাইতৰে ৱেব য়ু-আৰ-এল(url) বোৰ ইংৰাজী ...

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i google onscreen keyboard

ওচৰত দেখুওৱা ফট’খন হ’ল i-google onscreen keyboard ৰ এটা snapshot. i-google onscreen keyboard হ’ল i-google ত ব্যৱহাৰ কৰিব পৰা এটা আহিলা | ইয়াৰ সহায়েৰে google ত যিকোনো কথা অসমীয়াত চাৰ্চ কৰিব পাৰি | এই keyboard খন এইটো য়ু - আৰ - এল(url) ত পাব পাৰি :  

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Language options

configure windows to display unicode fonts

To configure windows to display unicode fonts is very important. Windows operating systems sometimes create problem in displaying Unicode fonts if not properly configured. To configure windows operating system is a very simple and one time task. Once configured properly, will continue to work properly till the system is formatted ...

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unicode standard version

configure windows to display unicode font in two minutes

To configure windows XP with service pack 2 or 3 to display Unicode fonts is easy. The configuration process is elaborated in our last post: “ configure windows to display unicode fonts”. To configure windows 2000 or windows XP without any subsequent update for unicode font viewability can also be done. The official ...

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amiasomiya in safari browser

safari browser may not display unicode Assamese fonts

It seemed that safari browser doesn’t support Assamese Unicode fonts. Here are the snapshots of the two websites viz. আমি অসমীয়া and নীলা চৰাই. The Assamese content in both the two websites appears as some unintelligible machine language. We have delved deep into the problem and have found that only Assamese Unicode fonts ...

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lipikaar or baraha, which one is better : a comparison

lipikaar is an extremely good software specially for beginners. Most of the unicode typing software uses two type of keyboard layout - "querty" and "phonetic". From the viewpoint of ease of typing, phonetic layout is the easiest among the two. Phoneic is also the most widely used and accepted keyboard layout. The ...

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Language selection option in Indic IME plugin

Indic IME plugin for wordpress

Wordpress provides a very good plugin for writing posts in Indian regional language. The plugin is "Indic IME". This is very useful plugin for those who create website in teir own domain and use wordpress CMS. This plugin doesn't come as default with hosted blog platform. Hence users will not ...

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