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I have newly learnt "Photoshop HDR photomerge" function. This function can produce beautiful results from Camera Raw images. I don’t know how much I have learnt but few experiments shows some level of success.

Here I have uploaded few HD photo-merged images and their original unedited versions.

The original images seemed totally unusable to me. But after editing, significant development in color tone is observed (I guess!).

Kindly scroll down the page and compare the edited and unedited pictures and in the comment box drop your judgment.

Your judgment will decide success/failure of my learning.

HDR image 1

Original Image 1

HDR image 2

Original image 2

HDR image 3

Original Image 3


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  1. ks3nia says:

    Personally I find HDR a little 'over the top'.. it doesn't really look like photos (or reality) in many cases – but still beautiful, with all the colors and details…

    • Britul says:

      @ks3nia: Yeah, you are right. HDR sometimes destroys the genuine beauty of the original photo. In my view, HDR editing techniques should be used to enhence the photo only. :-)

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