Five best Indian cities to live, work and play


This post is updated on behalf of guest author – Britul (Admin) Every Indian city has its own share of idiosyncrasies. But how to choose which the best Indian city to live is, work and play? Read the following post to know more. Just as India is a diverse country, every Indian city also upholds […]


FDI means more opportunities in Indian real estate sector

This post is updated on behalf of guest author – Britul (Admin) In an effort to provide a boost to the real estate sector of the country, the government has proposed guidelines for allowing 100% FDI in this sector.  For the uninitiated, here is a post that will explain the concept and consequences of FDI […]

House Property

Top 7 Things You Need to Know When Buying a House

This post is updated on behalf of guest author. Authors bio is available at the end of the post.) – Britul (Admin) Are you a first time home buyer? Purchasing a new house is a tedious task, which requires a number of things to be considered.  The following article throws light on the top 7 […]

The New Means of Property Search

(This post is updated on behalf of guest author. Authors bio is available at the end of the post.) – Admin Are you seeking to buy real estate? Property search can be a tedious and time-consuming activity in a country as large as India. There are more than 215 cities and thousands of properties listed […]


Search For Credible Property Made Easy With Web Interface

The modern technology provides options for better search and clarity for the prospective investors or anybody looking for information of all kinds – be it properties to college admissions. The following article is a perusal of the same. In the history of mankind, the Internet is probably the greatest development of all time. The advent […]

Get away from blogging: it’s good for blogging


I have been blogging for last two years. I run four different blogs on different subject matter in the same domain i.e. They are good reads, photopedia, unicode help and আজৰি. So, the reason behind I am able to keep these blogs running is that, I love writing. Before I  joined blogosphare, I used to […]

Corruption in everyday life: a different perspective

bribery in business

Corruption has remained the prime topic in this blog. Today a different perspective had twigged my mind and here I am to  jot it down. After reading this post you may think, I have gone mad. Or may think I have started supporting corruption. You are free to think whatever you want to thing but, […]

Optimized blogging


I have been blogging since last two years. Maybe more. Sometimes, I have to stop updating posts for more than a month. Then again I start over. The same thing happened recently again. The last blog post I updated was in the month of Oct’12 And now it’s almost end of Nov’12. So, I had […]

Vadra, PM’s note on corruption, India against corruption etc.

Cartoon by Aseem trivedi

The name – Robert Vadra is airing too high these days. As I write this post lot of things are taking place around us against corruption and I am very happy to see it. I am talking about the activities of “India against corruption” and government’s repercussion towards it. It is very good to see […]

Reservation in India promotes the reserved more than the deserved !!

reservation in India

Reservation in India is one among the highly debated topics. Government is taking new resolution from time to time and reforming the quota structure. In December 2011, Government had newly introduced the minority quota. Now, few days back a new resolution on promotion of SC/ST candidates in government jobs had been passed. All these changes […]

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